Contactee support

A support site for those who are interacting with non human intelligence

I’m Anthony. I’m a contactee – someone who has experienced contact with aliens (personally I prefer the term non human intelligence). I’ve had alien abductions witnessed by others and more subtle, dimension-shifting encounters too. I recognise that to be a contactee is an opportunity for huge spiritual growth even though the experience is not with a light touch, nor subtle.

The Contactee Support Guide is a free book about my experiences and how I transformed the fear of alien contact into positive, empowering growth. I hope the information will be useful to anyone struggling to come to terms with their own contact encounters. This book is a work in progress.

Help for contactees

Know this – you are not alone. Others, like me, are contactees too. Let’s try to help and support each other.  I know how tough it is to deal with this stuff. Fear, the traditional Western worldview, our society and the sheer power of the experiences – the otherness- are all huge challenges.

Overcoming fear

The fear my experiences generated overwhelmed me for a long time. I *think* I’m in a better place to deal with it should another UFO materialise in my reality and whisk me away. I’ve certainly done a lot of work transforming the fear (more about this in the book) and removing some of the massive emotional charge caused by interacting with non human intelligence. You can do this too with some simple techniques – see the section transforming fear of alien encounters.

Get started

Go to the The Contactee Support Guide book.


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